Up, Up, and Away Birthday!


   While I'm on the topic of birthdays, I feel like sharing their birthday party last year too.  I was trying to find something that would appeal to both boys and girls since we haven't crossed the *Girls Only* bridge yet.  At the time, my daughters loved to watch the Disney movie UP, as did/do I, and I thought we might be able to have some fun with this idea.  The love story in the movie will bring tears to your eyes (no matter your age) and the plot is full of adventure and invention.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching it soon!  It is one of those magical films that grown-ups and children alike can relate enjoy together without injecting masked adult humor into a child's film. 

    Of course, I went straight to Pinterest trying to find ideas.  {cue the floodgates}  My search turned up quite a few amazing parties!

I mean, isn't this the cutest party ever?! 
It would be perfect for an engagement or retirement party too! {source}

Yes, they are professionals!

Get more great ideas at the source!

    I was unable to even fathom tackling some of the work above, but the following below were on my list as almost achievable/somewhat practical:

Kids' Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth DIY here


Rainbow Balloon Backdrop {photo source}

Hot Air Balloon cake pops by Goods by kCreative

   I am crafty, but let's face it, to take it to their level would have required some serious dough.  I tried to find some things around the house and only focus on a few special touches instead of taking up another career besides the all-encompassing life as a stay at home mom. 
   My sweet, dear husband was too stubborn to bring out the air compressor and therefore spent some time blowing up enough balloons to cover the game room floor.  "Hey kids!  Come on over and play with these choking hazards!"  {Yes, I ended up enlisting a balloon room chaperone to keep watch.}

  We already happened to own a stuffed "SQUIRREL!", a globe, and a playhouse.  I also had some brown shipping paper and blue tissue paper lying around.


   I tried to stay with the theme (for no one but probably myself) with the candy prize table.  Blow pops for blowing bubbles, clouds of cotton candy, air-popped popcorn (that I filled the popcorn boxes with after I snapped these pictures) all reminded me of the sky, the balloons, and the whimsy in the film UP.

   After purchasing a cotton candy machine, whipping up all those clouds by hand (using striped paper straws as the stick), scraping crystallized sugar that had flung out of the machine and calcified onto my countertops, all to notice the coiffures wilting as soon as I placed them in the sun, I realized I should have just bought some pre-packaged cotton candy...somewhere, somehow.  However, the lollipop holders were easy and successful.  I covered floral foam bricks with wrapping paper, stuck in the blow pops and, voila.

  The activities I decided on were perfect for this age group with such a short attention span.  We let them play in the room of balloons, supervised at all times.  And I even managed to sit them in a circle and play an entire game of "hot potato" with the squirrel!  They loved when the music stopped on them because if they got kicked out of the game, that meant they could pick out some candy from the prize table.  Haha!  Everyone's happy!

    My original idea for the parachute was to give the parents a chance to sit, relax, and eat while the kids were entertained.  Of course, it was leaps and bounds more fun when the big kids helped me with the games!

   I don't remember where I bought the parachute, but before we were done playing almost every single handle broke off.  And we didn't get to all the games I had in my repertoire because of, again, their short attention span.  That parachute is still sitting in one of my closets.  I keep telling myself I'm going to sew the handles back on...maybe I will, someday.  Or, maybe I won't.

   As for the cakes, I know everyone has their favorite bakery with sophisticated cakes in crazy delicious flavors and intricate decorating skills, but I insist on getting our cakes at Kroger.  They're cheap, delicious, and are willing to customize for a fraction of the cost of some bakeries.  I asked the lovely ladies in the bakery if they could make really simple blue cakes with white clouds on the top and sides.  Then I placed balloon cupcake toppers I purchased on ebay on the top of each cake.  They're never perfect, but the kids never notice.  And leftovers are hard to come by.

    It is fun to reminisce about days like this, especially when I haven't thought about it in such a long time!   I'm sure as they get older all they'll want is a sleepover and a scary movie, but for now I get to dote on them, stamp their fluffy cheeks with hundreds of kisses in front of their friends, and over plan ridiculous parties for them.  I'll enjoy it while I can.  :]

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