Marooned on Me Favorite Day

   I'm home alone today, marooned and swabbing the hull while me wee buckos are off at school. After a groggy morning I spent overflowing the scuttlebutts, jamming lunches in bags, bows in hair, and booty from our favorite book into their skulls, I am careening.  Everything from the moonraker to Davy Jones' Locker will sparkle like a freshly polished doubloon before my deckhands return.  I want to plunder the afternoon with me hearties and revel in what has become one of me favorite days of the year, International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!  If you want to enjoy the day immersed in the swashbuckling seas of pirates too, then climb aboard, me hearties!!

   Our most treasured pirate tale of them all is Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime!
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Sail back with me and feast your eyes on this...
    "Debut author, Myra Wolfe, and Spanish illustrator, Maria Monescillo, shivered me timbers and cajoled me with their pirate patter and seawater brushings into shelling out a few doubloons for our very own copy of Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime.  After swiping it off the shelf and clutching it to my heart, I felt like I had just defeated a gang of lily-livered hornswagglers and beat them to the booty."  Read more here!
While Charlotte Jane is tailored for girls,
How I Became a Pirate is perfect for lads!
It is one of our favorites from the *Lately in the Library* series!
{Read more here.}
We spotted this excellent collection of poems at the library,
last year and smartly swipe our card for it on a regular basis!
Purchase it here!  {photo source}
 While preparing me wee buckos for school this past summer,
we unturned this jewel of a book, Pirates Go To School, and added it to our loot.
Buy it here!  {photo source}

"Pirates come to school each day
with backpacks full of books.
They hang their pirate swords up
in the coatroom on the hooks." 
 Why, we even found one helpful with potty training, Pirate Pete's Potty,
as I previously wrote about our poop deck adventures in Everyone Poops...
   "Just as your soft cloud of a baby whose caterpillar crawl and tender coos have been replaced with the trail-blazing, defiant, chaos-making toddler, it is time to potty train. Yes, now when she is the most unruly I am expected to teach her how to give up the only remaining comfort from babyhood- the luxury to go wherever and whenever she pleases without judgment. And like all else as a new parent, it is frightening."  For all my tips and research on potty training, read more here!

Read a review here!  Get a copy here!

   I wish ye a day filled with only the best grub and grog the Barbary Coast can offer!  If you want to join in on the Talk Like a Pirate Day fun, use this English-to-Pirate Translator, or even a Pirate Dictionary and get yer wheels turnin', ye landlubbers!

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Keep your body healthy,


Get yer eyes checked,



Use yer brains,


And read a book!!!  (any book)

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