Peter Pan Birthday

   Following my daughters' infatuation with Peter Pan, a Neverland-themed birthday party was inevitable.  They chased his shadow around Disney World and Disneyland.  They dressed like Tinkerbell and Wendy for Halloween.  And now they wanted to have a birthday party filled with all the imagination and adventure Peter Pan .  Of course, I obliged.

Halloween  (we were Lost Boys)
Disney World

Friends that love Never Neverland together...

      First, I chose the invitations from Luna Petunia Designs and planned the menu.  Little did I know I'd be receiving some unexpected, extremely gracious help from a friend.  The last-minute touches on the adults menu blew the kids' treats out of the water like a cannon from the Jolly Roger.  But the kids' table was still pretty cute.  Welcome to Neverland!!
Order here for $14

Disney plush dolls, vintage Hawaii prints
Fishing line, toy pirate ship, popcorn boxes

Captain Hook's Doubloons- Vanilla Wafers
Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Mr. Smee's Goldfish, burlap, fish net, sea shells, gold coins

Peter Pan's Skull Rocks- blueberries and grapes on sword toothpicks

Pirate bananas.  I should send these in their lunches too.
Lost Boys Trail Mix (Chex Mix) and crocodile gummies
My new BFF who helped pull it all together!  Thank you!!
   I didn't want to spend too much energy preparing a bunch of activities, but I'm lucky I had something planned because the bungee took longer than expected to set up.  We kept them busy with this...


Make your own compass necklace from Hobby Lobby

Decorate your own bag for the Treasure Chest Piñata

It's finally time for the Euro Bungee!!

Never grow up!

You Can Fly!!

Party crasher.  How rude.

The cakes were from Kroger- Sponge Bob design with Peter Pan figurines from the Disney Store. 
Cheap and yummy!

And last, but not least, the party favors-  BOOKS.

  Since the kids already accumulated handfuls of candy from the piñata, I skipped goodie bags.  All of the children got books instead.  I hope to do this every year!  They were a hit! Baby Girl's friends received the  Walt Disney's Peter Pan {Little Golden Book} and Little Girl's friends picked up Peter Pan Step Into Reading on their way out the door! 


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   Luckily enough for you, some of our guests were unable to attend the party.  I have seven extra Peter Pan Step Into Reading books to give away!   If you have a kindergartener or preschooler learning to read, this *Step 1* Easy Reader book will be a fantastic help! 

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  1. That party is seriously, ridiculously awesome. And precious. And adorable.
    And I can totally relate to the girls' obsession, because Peter Pan is pretty incredible, even in your late twenties ;o)
    Thanks for sharing the cuteness!

    1. Awe thanks, Rebecca!! I feed the obsession because I enjoy it too. ;]