Firefighter Books from a Fire Family

   Did you know it's National Fire Prevention Week?  As the wife of a fireman and mother of two, we have seen our fair share of firefighters books!  This week we are going to share our favorites with you to spread the word about fire safety and prevention!


School Visit

   One of the perks of being married to a man-in-uniform is when he is asked to speak at your children's school!  What an exciting day it was for my Little Girl when my husband got to suit up for community helpers week and teach her friends at school all about fire safety!  I found great joy in watching her nudge through the crowd to his side, her little arm wrapped around the bottom of his bunker pants, her face beaming with pride.  It was a beautiful day!

"Does anyone have any questions?"

"See?  Now you know it's just a Daddy under this mask! 
You never have to be afraid of a firefighter!"

His tousled hair from repeated helmet removal.
I bet her cheeks hurt from smiling all day.

   I, of course, globbed onto his presentation so I could assist him with the masses and sneak into their curious, little minds- if only for a day!  In addition to getting the kids excited about hearing from my firefighter and joining in on several, "Stop!  Drop!  And Roll!" exercises, I wanted to read a few fantastic firefighter and fire safety books.  Following a few days of research at the library, I found them!

The Books

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   Meeow and the Big Box by Sebastien Braun is the perfect book of imagination for our littlest ones (ages 2-3)!!  Watch the magic unfold as this clever kitty, Meeow, transforms a big brown box into a bright red fire engine!  The bold primary colors and wide-eyed feline attracts little readers, getting them excited about fire trucks and reading for the first time while encouraging play and imagination!   (Available as a picture book and board book.)

Available as a picture book and board book. (3-7 years)

   Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington is a great book for kids who want to know more about both the exciting and normal days events of life at the fire station!  While visiting Frank while on shift, we learn firefighters are always busy while waiting for the bell to signal.  We follow firefighter Frank as he gives children a tour of the station, shows the teamwork involved with each firefighter responsible for a different job, and even how they clean up the engine after tackling a big fire! "This tribute to this challenging profession is sure to inspire children who dream of one day wearing the uniform." -Kirkus Reviews

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   No Dragons For Tea: Fire Safety for Kids by Jean E. Pendziwol is a creative story designed to educate children about fire safety at home!  A little girl befriends a dragon and invites it over for a tea party.  Only, one pepper speck makes the dragon accidentally sneeze fire and the two enact her family's evacuation plan!  This adorable tale of two unlikely friends teaches what steps should be taken when escaping your home in case of a fire, and what will happen after the firefighters arrive.  No Dragons for Tea was "recognized by the National Fire Prevention Association as a recommended resource for teaching fire safety", among receiving many other awards and even shares a precious little poem at the end, "The Dragon's Fire Safety Rhyme", which provides a simple and exciting way to remember what to do in case of a fire at home!  (3-7 years)

Available in hardcover and paperback.

   Firefighters A to Z by Chris L. Demarest is a great opportunity to teach letters of the alphabet and line-of-fire vocabulary to little firefighter enthusiasts!  We follow the daily life of firemen and firewomen during a day at the station and learn the different names of equipment, techniques used, and jobs of each firefighter!     (ages 5-8)

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   Stop, Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler is an endearing story about a worrisome little girl named Jessica stressed out to the max during fire prevention week at school.  After incessantly checking their fire alarms at home and double-checking the fireplace for safety, her worries are still not put to rest as she endures sleepless nights, obsessing over possible problems with their house and not being able to recall three special words, "Stop, Drop, and Roll."  She guesses, “Stop, slop, and troll,” and, “Mop, pop, and bowl," but still can't get it right!  Frustrated and on edge, Jessica realizes she is better prepared for an emergency than she thought when Tom's birthday candles are aflame.  This is the perfect choice for our analytical, problem-solving little ones and to share with your class for fire prevention week!  (5-8 years)


   The kids really enjoyed my husband's fun presentation and the different books I read to the class allowed each one to engage in their own style!  Of course, a couple weeks later I found the perfect fire safety book which my girls and I still enjoy reading, Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill by Jamie Harper!


   We found the Miss Mingo series after stumbling upon Miss Mingo and the First Day of School which led us to Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill!  Animal enthusiasts get a front row seat to Fire Safety Week in this flamingo's classroom!  Chief Grizzly arrives to teach the class all about turnout gear and we soon learn each animal has a much different reaction when threatened.  I love the sprinkling of animal facts in this colorful and informative book.  After learning about firefighters, it was time to practice a fire drill at school.  Several mishaps and silly situations later, Chief Grizzly rewards the class with a ride on the fire truck!  I absolutely adore the artwork, all the different characters, and the wonderful lessons taught about fire safety!   (Available in hardcover and paperback.  Ages 4-8.)

More fires start in the kitchen than in any other area of the home.
For some great ways to instill fire safety in your home,
click here for a guide, grouped by age, that helps children understand
what they can do on their own and when they need to ask for an adult's help!
And teachers click here for some great resources!

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