Disney Autograph Book

   When I started scouring Pinterest for Disney World planning secrets, I was surprised to find such an emphasis on autograph books.  Surely my children are too young to understand the nostalgia and magic behind acquiring an autograph from someone they admire.  And surely we'll be too busy running from one ride to the next to stand in additional lines for autographs.  I was unconvinced but I figured I would plan ahead and bring some, just in case.  You just never know what is going to be the favorite activity, treat, etc.  I read autograph books can run from twenty to thirty dollars when purchased at the Disney Store or at the parks.  It is true.  So, I ended up making these and the girls loved them! 

   During the months of anticipation, they made lists of all the princesses they would like to meet and discussed which outfits each would wear.  "Will Belle be in her blue or yellow dress?  Is Ariel going to be a mermaid or a girl??  Will Rapunzel have big, yellow or short, brown hair?!"  Ok, Disney.  You've got things figured out.  I could have given them a spiral notebook and they would have been just as thrilled to meet each character.  But I wanted them to have something special they could keep and remember.

   I didn't spend much time making these, so this will be quick.  And I didn't want to go overboard on something that would be rolling around in the bag, getting banged up all week, or something the girls may not even be interested in.  Although, once we arrived, I was so glad I gave in and brought some!  You never know who you'll run into, sometimes even before you make it in the gates.  I bought two little brag books from Target (sold in stores for $2-4).  They're lightweight, small, and the pages have little inserts so you can add whatever paper or pictures you'd like to customize.  I bought a pack of cardstock, four packs of Disney scrapbook stickers, some clearance yarn, and one pack of mini sharpies- all for under $25. 

   For the assembly, I cut pages out of the cardstock and slid them into the photo sleeves.  I used the stickers for the cover.  I looped the yarn through the middle of the book and tied the ends to the mini sharpies.  They have a cool, little clip you can snap the cap into, which makes for convenient and efficient hand-off to the characters.  I received several, "Thanks Mom," nods from the characters and their cast members for providing sharpies.  But for those in costume, they prefer the larger size markers over the minis because they're easier to grip with their big gloves, paws, etc.

   Also, I bought a few dollar packages of star stickers to decorate each page after they were autographed.  These were a huge hit.  While we waited in line for rides, characters, and buses, the girls would ask for the star stickers and sit still and quietly while they glittered the pages.  The distraction saved our sanity several times (pictured right)!

   I was amazed, yet again, at the lengths Disney takes to make every facet of the trip magical when I started to notice each character has their own unique signature!  Despite my husband chompin' at the bit to be first in line for the rides, even he admitted taking the time to visit all the characters was a major highlight of the vacation. 

   These autograph books were, by far, my daughters' favorite souvenirs from the trip!  Both carried them around for weeks after we got home, showing them off to their grandparents and their friends at school.  Since there is room for many more autographs, we'll definitely be adding to their collections on future trips!

   Check out my post on how and where to meet the characters in Disney World here!  Here are photos of some of our favorite characters in Disney World.

   The first meet and greet didn't go so well.
My oldest opted out and my youngest cried.
Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom-
an absolute must for all little princesses!
We went super early so the girls look tired.  But they were awe-struck!

We ran into Chip and Dale and Pluto in front of Magic Kingdom!


Minnie and Goofy at Epcot!


Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom at Epcot!

Aladdin and Jasmine in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom!


Mickey Mouse at Animal Kingdom!

Now Lilo and Stitch at Ohana in the Polynesian!

And the grand finale at Magic Kingdom,
their favorite character....
Peter Pan!






  1. Hey, I noticed that you did the Cinderella's Royal Table and Belle was there. She was there for mine a few years back, but when I was at Disney yesterday, they told me that the only way to get Belle's autograph was at Epcot. Your post says March 31, 2013. Is that around the actual date of your trip? I have the table booked in early June, and would love for my daughter to round out her autograph book with Belle. I know the princesses are always "subject to change" but I'd just like to get an idea if I should keep hope alive or not

    1. No. The actual date of our trip was in September 2012. I'm so sorry they've moved her from the Royal Table! That's no fun. But I will say I was a little disappointed she wasn't in her big dress at the castle. We saw her and Beast in Epcot and she was all decked out in her ballgown! They were standing near the water on the path between the Sunshine Seasons/Living with the Land building and the Finding Nemo ride's building. I bet meeting her in France will be pretty cool though! I hope your daughter finds her and has a great time!