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   I've been brainstorming how to redecorate our nursery-turned-playroom for several months. Today, I was searching for bookshelves online and ran into something so whimsical and irresistible that I have to share it with you! Is this bookshelf not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! I am obsessed. Immediately, I began researching where on earth such a wondrous piece of art came from and discovered the gem that is Graphic Spaces!

   Of course, the bookshelf is over $2K. I think I may pout for the rest of my life. However, they have tons more products to choose from!  And not just any products, the items sold by Graphic Spaces are handmade in the USA by a small, Christian family business! [For further info click here.] The wood creations are formed from sustainable woods such as bamboo (which grows so fast it can be repeatedly reharvested every three years without damaging the plant system and its surrounding environment) and various hardwoods and plywoods (African Sepele, North American hardwoods, and Baltic Birch plywoods) in an effort to preserve the rain forests. If you aren't incredibly impressed yet, Graphic Spaces offers military, church, and teacher discounts too!  What better way to display your family's library or embellish a reading nook than with some of these precious wooden works below:




   In addition to home decor, Christmas ornaments, and jewelry and accessories, Graphic Spaces offers an extensive and exclusive collection of darling wall decals!

   I greatly admire the obvious soul and love for Christ the family breathes into each item as construed on their website, "At Graphic Spaces, we are passionate about kids and everything cute. ... We are a family of perfectionists- engineers, artists, and designers who care deeply about our craft and creating exquisite pieces of handmade products for your home, children and family. ... It is a collaborative dream knowing we are creating such unique, handmade pieces...that will be cherished for generations. We give all glory and honor to God for what we can accomplish by grace through Him."

   And, I especially adore that both boys and girls are depicted as pilots and astronauts, too! Graphic Spaces aligns perfectly with our last Special Sights post [view here] and I believe the group at A Mighty Girl would be proud of their products!

Click HERE to shop for an upcoming birthday or holiday on their website!
Or, click HERE for their wooden products and HERE for wall decals on ETSY!
I can't wait to make our final selections!
Thanks for stopping by!

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