Short and Sweet. Thank you!!!

   I am a bit blown away.  To put this in perspective, I have 25 followers on this blog and over half are obligated.  On an average day this blog is viewed about 50 times- some days only 20, others over 100.  Today, I had over 500 page views.  What on earth?!  At first, I thought it was a mistake or a glitch attributed to spyware.  Nope. 

   Granted, there are a multitude of blogs with so much traffic my mommy brain would melt completely.  But my little ole heart is just beaming!!   It's just been one of those days full of positive vibes; one I won't forget.  It started this morning with two readers sharing with me that their husbands are now reading my blog and one of the couples just purchased Love & Respect and the workbook.  It just doesn't get any better! 

   Over 200 views came from my pin on Pinterest alone!  I cannot believe "Re|engage. The Inner Circle." has become the second most-viewed post of mine in only three days!  I attempted to track down each and every girl who repinned because I wanted to say, "Thank you!!"  However, I didn't make it very far.  [I started to feel a little bit like a creeper.]  And I don't know if it's because my daughters have been running me ragged lately and my energy level is depleted or if, in fact, I am a big ole softie again, but tears started welling up and I had to stop stalking.  So, I'm posting a short and sweet thank you to anyone and everyone who stopped by today!!  Thank you for tuning in to this little, local broadcast show that I produce in my garage.  *wink*

   From all the boards I was pinned to such as, ""I Do", "Wedding Ideas", "Wedding Bells", "Someday", "When I say I do", "Mr. and Mrs.", "Love", and "Married Life", I already know the men in your life are very blessed to have y'all.  You have all inspired me to continue divulging (trust me, there is plenty more where that came from) and have made me feel part of something truly wonderful today. 

   I guess this would be an opportune time to mention a few recent changes to my blog.  Right below my picture and blurb on the main page I added four icons which, when clicked on, will bring you to my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and email accounts.  And below my book list you can add yourself to our email list (you only get emails when there is a new post) or just subscribe below.  I hope that makes it easier for you to get in touch with me!  Also, once you click on a post and you come to a new page, I installed a floating sidebar (viewable on a computer, not on a mobile device) that provides a quick way to like a post on Facebook, Tweet a link to a post, pin to Pinterest, "share" on any and all types of social media, or email to a friend.  Do you think the sidebar is annoying or helpful?  [You can comment anonymously below, by the way.]

   Anyway, from Isla, born in Green Bay and parents born and raised in Mil-ee-wah-kay, to you I say, "Thank you!!!"  Rest assured though, I know I'm not worthy!!!

I can't wait to hear how God is working in your marriages and relationships!
I hope you feel His love today as well! 

[Now to go back and triple check the post for any typos...doh!  *smacks forehead*]

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