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   A few weeks ago, Soleil Moon Frye and LeVar Burton were guests on my favorite late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.  Before Andy could even introduce them, I started singing Reading Rainbow's theme song and remembering all the times I sat glued to the schoolday dramas and wholesome lessons of Punky Brewster while scheming a way to leave the house in brightly colored, mis-matched shoes.

   Both 80s shows truly exemplify all the magic, wonder, and innocence of my childhood, however the ability of Reading Rainbow to not only capture my attention, but also to amplify my imagination tips the scales a bit.  The memories invoked by LeVar's late-night interview almost had me convinced shelling out a few bucks for the DVD collection was genius- that is, until I discovered the show produced 155 episodes over 23 years.  Luckily, there is a more reasonable and more modern way to bring the Reading Rainbow adventure back into our hearts and now into the minds of our little ones.

   During the time it aired (from 1983 to 2006) it earned over 200 broadcast awards, 26 Emmys, and the Peabody Award.  Taken from our first *special sight* on its website, "Each episode (centered) on a theme from a book which (was) explored through a number of segments or stories. Dozens of celebrities lent their voices to narrating books, and hundreds of young children had their moment of fame when appearing in the popular 'book review' segments."  It really turned the tide being a tv show that encouraged its viewers to turn off the tube.  And now, years after we thought Reading Rainbow would never have another opportunity to inspire our children as it did us, it's back...as an App!  "In June 2012, the Reading Rainbow was fully re-imagined as an iPad App bringing the beloved brand to children of the digital age."

   Since I am still stuck in the dark ages, iPad-less, I haven't been able to check it out for myself.  But this is the first major motivator!  (Despite my leaning towards tangible books vs. e-books, utilizing a familiar electronic device to drive young readers into any kind of book is beneficial.)  Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about the App here!  I can't wait to experience the magic all over again, but if the App doesn't have the original themesong, I may just have to buy a few DVDs after all.

   If any of y'all use the Reading Rainbow App, please let me know what you think- good or bad!

Watch What Happens Live

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